Slaton Nash

Business Solutions

Navigating the Endless Choices, Seamlessly.

Our Goal is to put time and money back in your business by being a single source provider with off book pricing
Cloud Computing
Contact Center & Cx
Managed Services
Mobility & IoT and AI
Network and Voice
UC & Collaboration


We can actually negotiate better pricing than end users. Additionally you would only need us as we can serve all of your product needs saving you time and money.

Once we have decided on various solutions we then help you manage getting started, ongoing, and any major setbacks while using the product(s).

We are brand agnostic. We do not care what product(s) you go with but we will recommend the best fit for your business, your environment, and keeping your budget in mind.

Do not wait until your contract(s) are/is up. Reach out to us, 1) we could potentially address some issues actively while in your current set up 2) We like to come in and evaluate, recommend, and discuss a plan prior to you moving your services 3) we are more than happy to go through the exercise of getting quotes and determining the right products and direction. Even if you decide not to go this route.